Off White – 6 Label Keyrings


Off White has create a key ring with label to make sure all yours keys are organize. The 6 label key ring is made from metal and leather. Each genuine leather tags comes with a stamped of categories depending the key as such Home and Car. As with the item name, it comes with 6 key rings with 1 key attach per ring but with key rings, more than 1 key can be attached. It comes with a carabiner to be attach on to bags or pants, or hooks. It only comes in one color, which is black and silver and price at $315. Available Now!


I thought about this idea a long time ago but I just did not pursue because it reminds me of a janitor keys, which is too many keys. Also, I do not like the carabiner since it does not snap, instead it screws. This means it will take time to unhook the carabiner.

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