Martenero – The Belgrano


It seems like many dive watches nowadays are either a copy of Rolex Submariner or a replica of another watch but the Belgrano is something different. The Belgrano is a modern take on dive watch by Martenero with a design that stands out from the others. Sized at 39mm that is made from stainless steel, sapphire display, automatic Seiko movement with a 41 hours power reserve and is resistant to water up to 200 meters. It has contrast color seconds hand with sword style hands that is accompanied by dot style markers. Since this is a dive watch, it comes with a uni-directional bezel. It comes in four colors; red, white, dark blue, and black. They all come with a contrasting colors. It will soon be available at a price of $320.

I like the look of this watch as it is unique and different. I love the contrasting colors on the bezel as it reminds me of a GMT watch. I do wonder of how the lume perform as the markets are small. Price is not bad too.

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