Louis Vuitton – Monogram Tower


If you are looking to spend your money on something that is mostly useless, then this item from LV could be for you. The monogram tower is made from plexiglass, metal and genuine leather. The tower looks like it was inspired by jenga and it is filled with rainbow colors and stamped with LV’s in house motifs. The piece can be taken out of its case and the case is also made from plexiglass. This item is also a game since it is inspired by jenga, although it is not made of wood. Either used for family games or just display, it certainly makes quite a statement costing at $3,050. Available now.

I will would be concern using this as a jenga since the piece are made from plexiglass, so it might break. I won’t lie it looks great and the motifs also looks great but I think it would probably be more a display piece.

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