Jil Sander – Flat Canvas Tote Bag


Jil Sander is selling a tote bag that is the same size as a human. It can be consider as a tote body bag but this tote bag by Jil Sander is made from linen and cotton canvas with genuine leather handle and genuine leather internal pockets. It is made from Italy and the design is quite simple, sand color with black handle contrast and a printed Jil Sander logo. The size of this tote bag is human size. It also has a big handle strap that it can be carried on to the shoulder. This logo tote bag is simple and yet it is price at $620. Available now!

I truly hope people are smart enough this this bag is overprice as the materials are simple and the design is quite stale. I guess if you need to haul a lot then this might have some uses.

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