IMO – Best brown leather duffel / holdall / weekender


Disclaimer – this list if my opinion, this IMO in my opinion. Prices may change overtime and models may be updated without notice.

Brown leather has been timeless, and iconic in the travel luggage market. Not only that, many men and women love the look of the color brown in bags as overtime, they tend to develop a patina look, which adds character and unique to your own use. Duffel / weekender / holdall come sin variety of size and shapes but their intended purposes are the same.

Also finding the correct color brown in this type of bags can be a complicated process and you always want to find the correct shade and they do not come cheap if you want quality.  This is in my opinion, the best brown leather duffel, holdall and weekender bags.

1. COACH – Explorer Bag. This is the cheapest ($695.00 brown bag of the list but it is timeless. It has a great shade if brown, dark brown that is subtle yet beautiful to the touch. It, also has the classic shape of a duffel. It has multiple pocket inside. It may be the cheapest but it does what it intended to do, carry your stuff.

2. Frank Clegg – Signature Travel Duffle. This maybe the best cleanest looking bag in this group and it comes in a a lot of colors with 4 shades of brown. I think the cognac is the best color. The shoulder strap that comes with this bag is all full grain leather. Not only that, it hides the zippers due to its overlapping top edge. The prices of this is $965.00, not bad at all.

3. Mulberry – Clipper. This is the only bag in this list that has the fame name, Mulberry. It certainly is a classic duffel bag look with a very supple soft leather in oak natural leather.  Also, this is the most expensive bag in this group coming at $1,750.00. I actually seen a lot of people carry this bag and whenever I see it, I am always amaze.

4. Shinola – Large Carryall. New and hailing from Detroit, Michigan. This bag is my favorite right now due to the color and shape. Comes in deep brown, black and my favorite, bourbon. It does not have the typical duffel look but it does what its job.  Soft and supple leather and is actually lightweight for a leather bag. It has outside pocket for small document when traveling.  It is the second most expensive in this group coming at $1,250 but it is beautiful and a future classic.

Those are in my opinion, the current best duffel / holdall / weekender bag.

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