Filson Series – Redesigning the Classics

This series will have multiple parts as I seem to notice that Filson is going through changes.. As you know. I have a lot of Filson pieces in my stuff and so I am a fan for the company’s rugged twill items.

This first part will show what little modification in the classic lines can make a huge difference in usage. Whether Filson and their cult fans agree with me or not, it is something that has been overdue.

Lately, the company has not many any changes to their classic luggages. Always stayed the same and consumer like me are okay with that but in these times, I think that there a small modifications that can improve their classic luggages. While this is my opinion, I am basing my ideas from usage and experiences.  Instead of explaining it to words, it is better to show visualization to create bigger effect. And so, let’s begin.

Lets start of with their duffle bags.

The duffel bags are in need of front and back pocket as the white square shows below. The biggest design that is missing in the duffle are inside pocket. It absolutely needs it!

The top can be covered with a flap to protect from the weather. I do think that the flap should be detachable using snaps. The reason for this is sometimes it can get in the way when opening and getting items out of the bag. If you do not need the cover then it can be kept inside of the bag.

It can also have two dividers using snaps buttons. The snaps should be be attach on the bottom of the leather so it can be seen from the outside. The design comes form camera bags and their dividers.

All ideas can be apply to small, medium and large size duffle. Also, it does not change the look of the duffle. Added features  like these can  make a difference when traveling, especially when organizing.

Next up is the famous original briefcase. I like this bag a lot even though I do not have one, and so I do not have a lot of major changes on this bag.

The flap cover should be detachable and help up by snaps. Again, it does get in the way when taking items out of the bag.

The back pocket should have a snap closure to at least make it more secure. Having a secure pockets is always to have.

The rucksack. I have two of these in color the tan and green so I am familiar with this classic.

The first thing I would like to see Filson do is add interior pockets for notebooks, pens.pencil, and small items. It absolutely needs it for interior organization.

Since this is is a rucksack, it should have side pockets for snack and water bottles.

Since this bag sags back when on the shoulder, the shoulder straps needs to be position higher so the rucksack does not sag back. It also needs more holes on shoulder straps as leather do stretch overtime.

Above are the new features that I want to see added if Filson will ever redesign their heritage luggages. As time goes, customer will want more from the items whether it be pockets for interior or exterior pockets or security, Filson must somehow adapt to the market. Please note that the above ideas does not change the looks of the bags as the main look is still there. The reason being is that I love the look of of Filson and that it should  never be change, This is why Filson consider them their classic heritage.

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