Fendi x Moonstar -Shoe Collection


For Spring-Summer 2020, Fendi has collaborated with Moonstar to create this interesting fusion designed shoe collection.  Made from canvas, coated canvas and rubber outsole. The main striking design feature of the shoes are the front ribbed toe that is similar to rain boots. There are solid colors but as usual, Fendi has implemented their stripe and monogram design to the shoes. Silhouettes comes in low tops and high tops boots. The shoes uses a lace lock closure. Colors will in solid, brown stripes and monogram and black. Prices will range from $700 – $900. Be on the look out at Fendi’s website when it comes on sale.

I like the way the low top looks as they are different from normal low tops. Also, it seems like Fendi is not great at designer shoes if they have to go out and collaborate to create something fresh.

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