Dr. Martens x Raf Simons – Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots


Inspired by the punk era of the yesteryear, this collaboration has decorated the 1460. Made from genuine leather, goodyear rubber and metal ring details. This 1460 has cues of punk era due to its ring decorations and that is about it. Although, it does not need to as the punks did make this boot prominent as this is the boot of their choice. Also, this boot also celebrating 60 years of Dr. Martens. It will also come in black and smooth finish, with the collaboration branding on the boot. Price is at $270 and will be limited. It is now available!

You know, this boot looks alright but I think there are just too much metal rings. They could have done more and have more than one color way. Add gray or even their classic maroon color. I don’t think Raf Simons actually had any input in this.

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