BAPE X Eastpak – Classic Packs


Another Bape collaboration and this time it is Eastpak. Bape has decorated Eastpak’s luggage, fanny packs and backpacks. All of them have the Bape camo printed all over. Each piece will also have the Bape writing printed in white. The label also has the Eastpak and Bape collaboration logo. Best of all, the backpack and the luggage will have removable pouches to add extra storage during travels. The items will start to be on sale by November 15 but will also be available in store by November 22. The prices will range around $50 to $200.


I like like how Bape added something useful, which are the removable pouches that are inspired by military bags. I wonder why they chose Eastpak and not Jansport!? Either way, it is not a bag collaboration. 

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